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Are you battling tough floor stains? We can help!!!

By Cross Cleaning Company | February 23, 2018

Everyday dirt, such as food and drink spills clean up easily! But some times there are other substances that aren’t as easy to clean up!

Dried Paint: Carefully chip away with a putty knife and follow with a green all-purpose cleaner.

Shoe Scuff Marks: Rubbing with a sock should take it away. If not, apply with a green cleaner on a soft cloth and buff dry.

Chewing gum and candle wax: Apply ice wrapped in an old T-shirt or in a muslin bag to the gum or wax, and it should flake off with a putty knife. (DOn’t have a putty knife? A butter knife will do- what don’t want is something sharp and pointy which may gauge your floor.

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