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When It Comes To Tile and Grout Cleaning, Your Mop Is Not Your Friend!

By Cross Cleaning Company | February 23, 2018

Most people want clean tile and grout. And who can blame them? We all want that, don’t we? And as antithetical as it seems, your mop could be the culprit in keeping your tile and grout from looking its best. Although regular mopping is encouraged, it matters a lot what type of mop one uses and the chemical or chemicals they choose to select for their tile. Let us explain….

First, a minor quick education. Tile is typically sealed at the factory in which it was made. However, grout is mixed on-site about 90% of the time. One of the primary ingredients in grout is Portland cement. This is the same compound that is found in everything from a concrete slab to the mortar in brick, block and stone. Because if the innate ingredients of this material, one must maintain its character by using a neutral PH cleaner. If the cleaner is too acidic (which is usually the case) it will slowly break-down and discolor the grout. But you don’t want to use a cleaner on your tile and grout that is too alkaline either. A word to the wise is to always select a “neutral floor cleaner”. These floor cleaners are found at almost all big box home stores. Just look for the title “neutral floor cleaner” on the bottle. But selecting the right type of cleaner for your tile and grout is only part of the solution to a beautiful floor.

What type of mop one uses has a profound affect on the beauty of tile and grout. Many people use the traditional multi-string mop (you know, the one Grannie used). And while we certainly don’t want to disrespect Grannie or string mops in general, it is one of the worst mops one can use. As the strings from the wet mop glide across the tile, they pick up dirt, trash, and who knows what else and wipe it straight into the porous catch-all called “grout”. And before you know it, dirt, grime and stains all attach themselves to the sponge-like substance we call grout. So what is the answer to this problem? First, use a neutral floor cleaner. And secondly, use a flat mop instead of a string mop. And in the end, your tile and grout will stay clean, shiny and stain-free.

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