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Hard-surface floor stains : Part 2

By Cross Cleaning Company | February 23, 2018

Candle wax or chewing gum

These types of stains can be the most intimidating to removing. Don’t scrape them off with a knife or your nails! There are better ways to remove it that won’t damage your floors your hands! Use some ice cubes to chill the material to brittleness. Them using a plastic spatula, carefully scrape the wax or gum from the floor!

Cigarette burn

For heavy stains like these, try scouring powder and a piece of fine steel wool or plastic scouring pad dipped in water. For hard surface floors, rub with a cloth dampened with a solution of lemon juice and water.

Coffee or fruit juice

Saturate a cloth with a solution of one part glycerine to three parts water and  place it over the stain for several hours. (You can find glycerine in any drug store or major grocery store). If the spot remains, rub it gently with scouring powder and a cloth dampened with HOT water.

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