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Helpful tips to keep your clean floors clean!

By Cross Cleaning Company | February 23, 2018

After you invest your time and money deep cleaning your floors you will definitely want to keep them clean! Here are some tips that will help, as well as some green cleaning tips for the future.

  • Put floor mats at all the outside entrances into the house, as well as one in the front of the sink in the kitchen and under any pet food/water areas.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove loose dirt regularly. Brooms have been improved to have bumper guards so that they’re less likely to dent cabinets or furniture. When sweeping, use short, powerful strokes and a dust pan.
  • Mop your floors once a week with a damp mop using a mild cleaning solution or a commercial green solution.
  • Choose a porous sponge mop with an abrasive strip for coaxing stuck-on gunk, or use a mop with a reusable microfiber head.
  • Consider an electric steam cleaner, also called a steam mop, which uses nothing more than tap water. This is especially great for tile, marble, slate, and sealed wood surfaces.
  • DO NOT wax kitchen floors because that makes them slippery. A properly sealed floor should provide enough shine, which re-emerges on a dry mopping or damp mopping.
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