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Why Should You Hire a Professional to Clean Your Tile and Grout?

By Cross Cleaning Company | February 23, 2018

One might ask, “Why should i hire a professional to do my tile and grout cleaning”? Tiling and grout can become particularly dirty over time. Walking from room to room, especially with shoes that have trekked in dirt from outside, can leave your floors looking shine-less and dull. It can also cause dirt to become trapped in the grout, staining and aging it. Hiring a professional like Cross Cleaning Company to clean your tile and grout will eliminate this problem.

Cleaning your tile floors by hand is very difficult. Not only is it uncomfortable to kneel on the hard floors and scrub, but it is also very messy and potentially dangerous as you could be inhaling the toxic chemicals with which you clean.

Using a mop to clean your tiling and grout is not a better solution either. Mopping your floors does not actually clean the grout, but mostly pushes the dirt and grime around, dulling the tiles even more and pushing the dirt deeper into the grout. Trying to scrub the grout can actually make it worse by breaking it apart or pushing cracks into it, giving the dirt even more pockets to live in.

Cross Cleaning Company will come ready with our cleaning tools, which include a steamer accompanied by a powerful vacuum cleaner. The vacuum will suck the dirt out of the porous grout which can otherwise be hard to get to. It will pick up dust from any cracks that may have formed in the grout, and the steam, along with the intense pressure of a hot water stream, will force the grit and grime out of the grout in an effort to restore it to a beautiful clean.

Often, a professional cleaner will also seal the floor with a finishing coat once the floors have been cleaned. This step not only adds shine to your floors but will provide protection from dirt. The sealant will prevent dust and grime from settling into the grout and causing discoloration.

The professionals at Cross Cleaning Company will clean and restore your floors to their original state, leaving them shiny and bright. With over 45 years of experience, the Blue Ribbon technicians know just how to get the job done. We are sure you want to preserve your investment. To have your tiles and grout cleaned, contact Cross Cleaning Company today!

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