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Make Your Tile Floor Beautiful With Color Seal

By Cross Cleaning Company | February 23, 2018

The Beauty of Color Seal for Your Tile Floor

We all want beautiful, clean floors. While flooring such as wood, laminate and carpet all need cleaning, no surface can benefit from professional cleaning like tile and natural stone. And tile floors are unique. While professional steam cleaning can clean down to the bacterial level, many people falsely believe their grout will “look clean” after steam cleaning. However, this is not always true. Because grout is an extremely porous product, years of dirt, grime, food, spills and stains can go deep into the grout. Typically cleaning alone will not remove the stains and/or discoloration of grout.

So what can one do to restore their grout to a beautiful, uniform color? At Cross Cleaning Company, we have a product known as “color sealing”. While “color sealing” is not a paint, it does recolor your grout, giving it the look of new, unfaded grout. And the beautiful thing is your grout can be any color you want. If you would like us to match the color of your original grout (step into a pantry and look deep under the shelves to see the “original” color) we can do that. We can also make all of your grout a different color; one of your choosing, which is especially good if you aren’t the original owner and didn’t get to choose the grout color.

In addition to the amazing coloring ability of color seal, it also is a great sealer (as its name suggests). While clear seal can typically be warranted for about a year (depending upon conditions), color sealing has a warranty three times as long. So when it’s time to have your tile or natural stone floors professionally cleaned, give us a call at Cross Cleaning Company and don’t forget to ask about color sealing – you’ll be glad you did!

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