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Countertop Polishing We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Polishing granite or marble countertops becomes necessary after years of use. When one finds their countertops lack the desired shine and develop pitting and/or etching, it’s time to consider the options; either polish it yourself, or hire a professional company like CROSS CLEANING COMPANY.

If one decides to D-I-Y, here is what it will take:

While it will require some time and hard work, you can polish your own granite countertops and skip the hassle of having to hire a company like CROSS CLEANING COMPANY. This approach may require some extra tools and materials, but in the grand scheme of things you’ll have the pride of saying “I did it myself”.

Here are the materials and tools you’ll need to effectively polish your own granite countertops:


  • A Quality Electric Polisher. A professional quality polisher like a Makita can be purchased for about $350. However, make sure the polisher you choose doesn’t run higher than 800 RPMs, otherwise you could ruin your countertops
  • Polishing pads. These are typically diamond encrusted pads available at local stone supply houses. One will need a minimum of 3 pads (we suggest 800, 1600 and 3200 grit) and can be purchased for around $40 per pad.
  • Backer pads. Both 7” and 3” (for those tight corners and harder to reach areas). These backer pads attach to the polisher and the pads adhere to the backer pads.
  • Micro-fiber clothes
  • Lamb’s wool buffing pads


  • A Deep/Deposit Cleaner will remove any excess build up from other chemicals like detergents.
  • Neutral pH cleaner. Acid-based cleaners are detrimental to your stone, so please do your research and find one appropriate to the stone you are attempting to polish. Picking the wrong one could permanently damage your countertops.
  • Polish
  • Sealants and Finishes

Now that we’ve covered the materials, we’ll go over the polishing process step-by-step:

  • Get the excess build-up of chemicals off your countertops by using the deep cleaner and electric polisher. Be sure to use the right cleaner or your countertop might be permanently damaged and require replacing.
  • Let the cleaner dry. Remove the residue from the deep cleaner using the micro-fiber clothes.
  • Now you polish! It can usually take 4-6 applications to get the full, completed look so apply as necessary.
  • To protect from oil and water stains, you’ll want to apply a sealant after you polish.
  • Using your finish and lamb’s wool buffer pad, apply the finishing touches to your countertops to achieve the smoothness they are known for. Finishes will also protect countertops from fingerprints and water deposits for a couple of weeks.

The process of polishing granite countertops can be done by homeowners in 6 to 8 hours (depending on your skill level), so by sticking to this tutorial you can be polishing your countertops in no time.

Hiring Us to Do It For You

While one could D-I-Y their countertop polishing, there are a lot of “moving parts” and serious things to consider. Will I use the right chemicals? Did I buy the right polisher? Could I permanently damage my countertops? In the end, am I going to wish I hired a professional? We understand these concerns and that is why we recommend you hire the professionals at CROSS CLEANING COMPANY. We have years of experience, all the right tools and the knowledge necessary to get the job done RIGHT! And when you hire CROSS CLEANING COMPANY, you can go to the mall, watch the game, play with the children or grandchildren and leave the polishing to us.

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