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Grout Recoloring We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Years ago stained grout (or grout that wasn’t the color one preferred) had to be painstakingly removed using a hammer and a chisel. This process was difficult, messy and expensive. Thankfully CROSS CLEANING COMPANY has a new way to restore grout.

To revitalize your grout lines, consider grout re-coloring. Grout re-coloring (also called “color sealing”) is a great option for grout that is older than 5 years and has suffered from wear over time. By having the grout re-colored, you’ll recapture the original look your grout had years ago. On the other hand, you might want to incorporate a new color into your grout lines to give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new look. In either case, grout re-coloring will renew the look of your tile flooring.

Another benefit of re-coloring your grout is our industry-leading warranty. We offer a three-year warranty on our color seal, which is unmatched in the grout and tile cleaning industry. Our color seal has active mildewcides and fungicides that resist mold and mildew, while also providing an impermeable barrier that won’t allow your grout to stain.

If you’re ready to bring your grout back to like, call CROSS CLEANING COMPANY today at 210-857-2242.

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