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Stone Polishing We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Stone polishing is difficult and should only be done by trained professionals, like those at Cross Cleaning Company. Natural stone is delicate so you need to choose a contractor for the process carefully. If the contractor does not use tried and tested stone polishing techniques, they can permanently damage the floor.

A Brief Description of Our Stone Polishing Process

Stone polishing should be carried out in steps in order to ensure it remains intact and undamaged. A skilled professional from Cross Cleaning Company will take the steps mentioned below to get the best results:

  • Inspection – Before the polishing process begins, we examine the floor carefully. Our technicians will look for any visible cracks and vulnerabilities that can worsen during the polishing process. This inspection will help them determine what kind of polishing tools and techniques we must use to get the best results.
  • Preparation – Once the process is determined, the we will prepare the area around the floor to protect it from dust and debris generated by the polishing process.
  • Cleaning – Our next step will be to dust and clean the floor thoroughly. Lingering debris and sharp particles can damage the floor during the polishing process. Our experts will make sure the surface is completely free for debris before we proceed to the next step.
  • Grinding – Once our trained technicians are certain that the floor is clean and doesn’t have any lingering debris, they will use the diamond grinding pads to buff and polish the floor. This process will create an even and smooth surface, as it will remove the topmost layer of the stone. All inconsistencies and scratches will be eliminated in this process.
  • Honing – Once the surface is completely even, our professional technicians will use finer grits to buff the surface to a glossy sheen. This process won’t remove any scratches and dents because it only polishes the stone gently and doesn’t remove a layer of material from the surface.
  • High Gloss Polish – If you want your floor to be very glossy, our technicians can use finer grits to produce a greater sheen. Some stones can be polished to be highly reflective. Other stones are not intended to have a high sheen, yet they become ultra smooth and clean during this process.
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