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Tile Installation We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Adding tile to a home or business is a beautiful investment in character, appeal and durability that will be satisfying for years to come. With the almost endless variety of materials available, tile projects are as varied as the people and places where they are found.
Tile installation ranges from simple to complex, straightforward to complicated, minimal to substantial. And though every project is unique, there are common factors to each. The quality of workmanship is paramount to every tile project. That is why CROSS CLEANING COMPANY is one of the go-to tile installation companies in SAN ANTONIO and AUSTIN.


Professional preparation is the foundation of quality workmanship. Aesthetically pleasing results that are functional and durable are the rewards for completing a project the right way.

CROSS CLEANING COMPANY’S professional custom tile installers will help you achieve a unique and rewarding tile project that meets the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Professional results are the measure of our success. And success by those standards can be achieved with any budget. Whether your tile project is for your floor, shower, backsplash, kitchen or patio, call the professionals at CROSS CLEANING COMPANY today to get your project started.

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