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VCT Refinishing We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) often found in the corridors of offices, schools and hospitals, can be kept shiny day in and day out by utilizing a professional floor cleaning company like CROSS CLEANING COMPANY. Trying to clean VCT without knowing the proper processes or using the wrong chemicals while cleaning can not only turn VCT floor coverings into a dull and grimy looking surface, it can also permanently damage or scratch the surface.

For example, it is important to use a neutral cleaner, with a ph of 7, mixed no more than 1 oz per gallon of water for daily maintenance of the floor. Making the mistake of using a high alkaline cleaner or degreaser will dull the finish. It’s also important to know that new VCT floors must be scrubbed and coated with a minimum of 2 coats of sealer and 4 coats of floor finish, by using this method the floor will look more uniform and shiny. The build up of 6 total coats of floor finish will also allow for regular burnishing that will keep the floors new and shiny looking. Keep in mind that entryways, lobbies, and other high traffic areas especially on entrance levels may require more frequent cleaning than lower traffic areas of the building. These types of areas may require additional maintenance or extra coats of protection.

What You May Not Know About VCT

It’s also important to know that VCT manufacturers coat their product with one thin coat of an acrylic finish for protection during shipping and storage. This manufacturers coating must be removed before any new sealer and floor finish can be applied. Because the manufacturers coating provides no gloss and minimal protection from foot traffic, your tile must be scrubbed and coated with sealer and a generous amount of floor finish as soon as possible to not only provide the desired aethstetic but to protect your new VCT or laminate floors as well. Be sure to take note that newly installed flooring should not be scrubbed for two weeks to allow the mastic adequate time to bond. Cleaning or polishing too early and you risk damaging the flooring.

Between professional cleanings, VCT maintenance is the key to a long, attractive life for commercial VCT flooring. Be sure to utilize walk off mats and keep up with regular maintenance procedures such as: sweeping and mopping to protect not only the floor but the building owners investment.

VCT floor care is not particularly complicated, but it does demand strict adherence to certain procedures. CROSS CLEANING COMPANY is a contractor grade vendor and an experienced professional floor cleaning & restoration company that specializes in VCT tile refinishing and cleaning in SAN ANTONIO.

Finding the Right Company

Finding a VCT cleaning expert is easy if you’re located in SAN ANTONIO or any of the surrounding areas. CROSS CLEANING COMPANY is an award-winning TEXAS company and a division of QOL ENTERPRISES, INC., a TEXAS Corporation. We are a family owned and operated business. We are proud of the work we do and the customers we service. In additions to VCT, CROSS CLEANING COMPANY is a full service flooring restoration contractor and we pride ourselves on being prompt, providing exceptional service and doing what we say we will do. All for one competitive, guaranteed price.

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